Quick like a bunny

Quick like a bunny

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Kava Chocolates Recipe

Kave root powder can be found at Konakavafarms.  Kava is for 18 an older crowd. Do not drink alcohol while eating these. Do not take if pregnant or lactating. Do not take Kava or give Kava to people if you or they are on anti-depressants plus have a history of anxiety attacks. (I have given Kava chocolates which is a small amount of Kava per chocolate, to people on anti-depressants and whom did not have a history of anxiety attacks with no ill affect).

Kave root makes you relaxed and is great to keep the peace during family holiday gatherings.


6.5 oz. Raw Almonds ground in food processor or place in a plastic bag and smash with rolling pin.
(you can use any nut of choice. Sesame seeds work to. No processing needed for the seeds.)
1 oz. Kava root powder.
Konakava farms has their root powder ground real fine now. They have great shipping prices and I am happy to buy from them.
16 oz. (1 lb.) Ghirardelli melting chocolate.
Other melting chocolate is fine. Just make sure it is good chocolate.

Get the nuts ground.

Measure your kava powder. A small digital scale works great. This also equals 5 T.

 Set that aside.

Measure and weigh your chocolate out.

Put a couple of inches of water in a pot and add a steel or glass bowl on top of it. Bring to a boil on medium then lower to simmer. Add chocolate and monitor, stirring with wooden or high heat resistant utensil. when melted add nuts and Kava powder. Mix. Turn off stove top.

 You can then take a heat resistant cloth or oven mitten and take bowl of chocolate off the pot and place it on counter next to your molds. I have one high heat silicone mold and two old plastic ones. Yes, the plastic ones need to go, but it is what I had on hand. I have had those plastic molds for about seven to eight years and they work, even though they are warping and starting to crack. This Silicone mold I recently bought works so much better compared to the plastic ones. (Just FYI) No, they are not perfect pro-grade looking chocolates. They are my beautiful imperfections that make individual pieces of chocolate satisfaction.

Take a spoon and spoon the chocolate into the molds. when molds are filled, drop the molds by kind of tapping them on the counter several times. this gets rid of bubbles and settles the chocolate. Now you can let them set up on the counter or if the weather is warm you can put them in the fridge for 15-20 minutes, even a bit longer is O.K.

When fully set. Turn upside down and push the back of each mold onto a clean counter or plate ect..
Place in plastic bags or containers. do not store in the fridge or freezer. store in a cool dry place..

Let them sit over night before eating one. This lets the kava marinate.


Kava me..

This is the second year I have made Kava root powder chocolates and I love them. Enjoy.

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