Quick like a bunny

Quick like a bunny

Monday, June 27, 2011

Dehydrating Orange Peel and uses

When I prepared Orange Marmalade, I skinned and cut up 10 oranges and made 2 cups thin sliced orange peel. I was still  over whelmed with left over orange peel. I remembered watching how to videos from Dehydrate2store and new that you could dehydrate orange, lemon, lime peel. Grind it up and save it. Well I had lots of Orange peel. Why not dehydrate it.  First I had to put the orange peel in a ziplock and in the fridge because my dehydrator was busy drying Pumpkin and Cucumber.

 I dehydrated it on 135 until crisp.

Put some of the dry Orange peel into the blender and blended well. It took 2 blending batches. I did not want to overwhelm the machine.

First batch filled my pint canning jar half way.

Second batch filled (with some tamping) all the way. So I put the lid on and in the dark, dry, cool pantry it went. Now I had to do some research. What do I do with this stuff.

I found that it is used in Chinese cooking; like stir fry's with orange flavor. it is ancient Chinese secret. Hee. Not really. Many countries all over the world utilize dry orange peel in  much of their cooking. It adds flavor to drinks, jams/conserves, salads, dressings, soups, and baked goods. There are many recipes out their that use orange peel and you can use the O.P.P.(Orange Peel Powder).

 Mandarin Orange/or regular Orange Tea, Mandarin being another dried skin option.
Add 1 T. dry orange peel ( does not have to be ground) to teapot of hot water. I estimate 4-6 cups. ?
1 T. loose tea leaves of choice. Let it steep for about 5-10 minutes and serve strained.
It is said to lower cholesterol and help with diabetes and heart disease.
This was from a site called Wandering Chopsticks. Vietnamese recipes

Orange peel is a Mosquito and fly repellent. I am thinking to you could put some orange peel fresh, dry or ground dry on a muslin bag tied and soak it in some hot water. Then take the cooled water and put it in a spray bottle. spray it on your skin for the biter bugs. I am just brain storming here. Will have to try it first and see.

Dry orange, lemon, lime peel is a good fire starter.
 It has an ingredient called Limonene that scientists are studying for its possible other uses like fuel.

O.P.P. for bathing
O.P.P. or just orange peel steeped in a cup of warm water for ant killer.