Quick like a bunny

Quick like a bunny

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Update in the Casa

Wow, it's been forever since I have written on this blog. Had to stop working at farmers markets because of no longer having a kid sitter. I will be at the Pflugerville fall fest the third Saturday in November. Very excited to sell my goods. I did have items on my bonanza site, but items were not moving unless it what a local peep re ordering. So, mostly not moving. I think That I enjoy the people interaction of selling. It's invigorating and you get to be social while making money.

So enough of my missing markets. What have I been up too? I swam almost everyday in the summer and it was glorious. The pool and I were definitely having one with the world moments. I still garden. Some of my produce does well some years and other plants completely fail. I have learned to plant in diversity and also not organized. This has been helpful because of bugs, rodents, rabbits and the fact seasons change, but the weather can be unpredictable. Climate change or not food still needs to grow.

This year peaches were abundent. There was tons of rain in the spring and I usually grow my pumpkins in the spring to beat the worm invasion, but it was to wet and only one pumpkin grew in late summer. I had to pick it green. A worm had infiltrated the base. I had many orange plants sprout from me composting local organic oranges. So, I have planted them around the yard in hopes that at least one will become a producing orange tree. In the top part of my main garden, grass had taken over and I could never do anything about it because it kept raining. I hope to,manage it eventually. Rabbits have been entering my yard. I thought it was cute at first until they started to devour plants. I blocked all the hole to my backyard and that worked, but I have garden boxes in the front yard and there is nothing I can do. This is why the diversity and lack of organization has helped. They have favorite foods and they leave the rest. Or they do not see them because they are hidden amongst other random plants.

In my back yard sweet peppers are growing well. My garden is on a slight slope and I have found that mounding dirt around my plants base like a hill with the stem in the middle encourages growth. It also makes the plants healthier and they are producing. Mounding seems to work even on flat surface ground and in raised beds.

I will sign off for now. Hope every one is surviving and staying connected.