Quick like a bunny

Quick like a bunny

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Gardening & Learning From Trial And Error

These are my garden boxes. They have been very productive. Though getting to this point can be a long and uncertain path. I am not an expert gardener. Every thing I do is pretty much trial and much error.

As I collect on all my hard work. It can easily be forgotten the labor that was involved to make such great produce.

The weather has been so warm and beautiful. That I began sprouting seeds indoors.

Everything sprouted great. I even bought my Tomatoes seeds online this year at www.PennysTomatoes.com and every seed planted has sprouted. My downfall was planting to early before my plants were stronger. Yesterday we had 20-25 mph winds. and wiped out many new sprouts in my garden including many tomato plants.

But, a few survived.

I have placed some fresh veggie pulp from juicing around them.

This one is not happy, but time will tell. I am sprouting more Penny tomatoes and will try to be more pro-active about letting them grow more before I plant them.

I have many sprouts and will continue to re-fill spots that are now empty in my garden. I was even thinking of growing a Cayenne plant.  Penny's husband Joe at www.pepperjoe.com sells  pepper seeds. I may check that out.

This year, I bought onions to grow in my garden. These are what I have not planted yet. I read that if you plant onion it helps with garden pests. In particular the worms that like my squash. We will see.  I eat onion in many recipes. So nothing will go to waste.

I had many new lemon cucumber and cantaloupe sprouts kill over to. It seems like a struggle to keep plants alive in the beginning and in the heat of the summer. It is worth the hard work when you get real food from your back yard and many times more food than you can eat. I write this to keep inspiring myself and others. Do not give up. Keep trying. Success or fail, try, try again.


Garden up and running with lots of Tomato plants. All the little ones lived and I planted more.

Tomatoes growing.

Very happy with Penny's Tomato seeds.

Awesome Cherokee Tomato.

Love the the Onions I grew.