Quick like a bunny

Quick like a bunny

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Quick Herbal And Apple Juice Tea Recipe (no-caffeine)

I was going to a pot luck recently and remember coffee,regular tea, lemonade and water is served. I get tired of water, have to watch my sugar and my body does not like caffeine. I had to use what I had on hand and this was what I made.

Get a medium pot and fill with 4 cups of water. Bring water to a boil. turn off heat and add:
4 chamomile tea bags
4 tsp. loose roobios tea in a muslin bag
Steep for 10 minutes. then take tea bags out.

Get a 2 quart pitcher and fill it with 4 cups of apple cider/or juice.
add the steeped tea into the pitcher and mix.

I added 1/4 tsp. of raspberry extract and took a slice of lemon and squeezed the juice in. This is optional of course.

Chill in the fridge. You can use 4 tea bag/teaspoons worth of herbal tea you like. Any flavor. This is a great drink alternative your body will like. Also, you can change the ratio of tea to juice. More apple juice or less apple juice to accommodate you diet and or taste.

Note: My husband did not like it. He went back for coffee. I think it is best poured over a glass filled with ice.


Raw Okra salad Recipe

So,  have been harvesting Okra for over 2 months now and found a large stray one. I thought to taste it to see if it was to hard. It was a bit stiff, but very good. The thought came to my my, "I can eat Okra raw". Looked it up on the Internet an yes people ate it raw. I tell myself, "why has know one told me this?" I sliced up some okra, put it in a bowl and sprinkle salt on top. Mixed and walla, salad. Yum. I love it.

To me, life is one big experiment and we learn as we continue to try new things.