Quick like a bunny

Quick like a bunny

Monday, June 27, 2011

Dehydrating Pumpkin for storage and (Hot Pumpkin Drink Recipes)

My Sugar Pie Pumpkins have been vey productive this season. Running out of freezer space and found an online site called dehydrate2store that had how to videos, that gave great info. on how to dry Pumpkin and Butternut squash. It is under the title, "Pumpkin pie wih dehydrated Pumpkin". I baked the Pumpkin at a pre-heat of 350 for about 45-90 minutes, then scraped out the flesh and mashed it in a bowl. Layed it out on my fruit roll dehydrater sheets and onto the racks. I dehydrated at 135 until crisp. Half way through the process I flipped the Pumpkin on to the dehydrater racks.

I broke them into smaller chunks.

Then I placed the dried Pumpkin into a blender and blended well.

I placed it into a canning jar. Thats is one whole Pumpkin in a pint jar. Awesome. If you keep this in a glass sealed jar and in a dark, dry, cool place it will stay fresh longer. How long? I am not sure. I estimate at least  6 months and maybe to a year.

If making baked goods, add 1 part dry ground Pumpkin to 4 parts boild water and let sit about 15 minutes. (updated note: I recently made a pie and used 1 part dry ground pumpkin and 3 parts boiled water and this made me 1 1/2 cups equaling 12 oz. pumpkin puree to my like). So, feel free to change or re-arrange water measurements to suit your likes and needs.

I love to make hot drinks with this stuff. Add 1 T. to your hot coffee/decac with milk or cream/creamer of choice and sweetener of choice, with a pinch or 2 of Cinnamon or Pumpkin spice and you have a Pumpkin Latte'.

Or add 1 T. dry ground Pumpkin to mug, add hot milk of choice with some sweetner of choice, and a pinch or 2 of Pumpkin spice or Cinnamon. Stir, sip and enjoy.

((My favorite recipe is: 1T. dry ground Pumpkin placed in a mug. Now add 1 tsp. cocoa powder, 1 T. sweetner of choice and 2 T. dry plain creamer. Add boiled water and mix. If to hot add some cold water. Sip and enjoy.))
Yes there will be some bigger chunks at the bottom and end of your drink. I spoon those out and eat it after I finish my drink. Very tasty end of a hot drink. The nutrition and fiber is well worth having a spoon handy.

Note: 1 T. dry ground pumpkin equals an estimated 1/4 cup rehydrated pumpkin puree.

You can also add 1-3 tsp. to smoothies as a boost.