Quick like a bunny

Quick like a bunny

Friday, July 6, 2012

Arugula and Patty Pan Salad Recipe

Love this salad. Put some Arugula on a bowl and add some walnuts. (these walnuts are soaked and dehydrated.) Added some dried cranberries and took a very small patty pan squash and sliced it thin and then in half. Then added the patty pan. Found out that mini sized patty pan can be cut without deseeding. The seeds are not fully formed yet. For a dressing I made a pack of Ranch Dressing This way.

1 cup of almond milk
Mixed with 3/4 cup mayo
and then added the Ranch dressing packet and mixed.
Or in my case, closed the lid and shook it vigorously. (Or use any salad dressing of choice)

So good. Inspired to grow arugula now.

Freezing Fresh Corn On The Cob

Freezing fresh corn is the best way to hold on to the flavor. Corn loses its freshness within a day or two. Take off the husks and stringy stuff and place into Ziploc. Push out air and freeze. You can cut the corn into smaller portions before freezing to.
Buying fresh produce and freezing it yourself insures the quality, ripe, freshness you like best.

Freezing Diced Tomatoes

Been processing and giving away many tomatoes. With time tight I thought to freeze diced tomatoes in Ziploc bags. Put 2 cups of diced tomato in a Ziploc. Pushed out all the air and froze. That easy. Each bag contains 1 cans worth (if not, a tad more) of fresh diced tomatoes/frozen for cooking later on.

Quick and easy.