Quick like a bunny

Quick like a bunny

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Are my eggs good or bad?

Life can be crazy when you have many things on your mind. Trying to accomplish your mental list for the day and think about all of the other things you want or need to do. Then respond and react to every ones personal and emotional needs.

In my case, I unloaded the groceries from the trunk of my car. It was 105 degrees out and my mind seemed to forget something. I did not realize I forgot to unload the eggs until the next morning. It was close to noon and my husband looked at me and asked if I left them in the car. Oh my, that was the only conclusion. I grabbed my keys and ran out to the trunk of my car. In the corner trying to blend in was a bag filled with a carton of 18 eggs.

It was another scorching hot day, but the eggs did not feel as hot as the outside air. I thought this may be O.K. My husband said, "No, those are now bad". I searched the Internet for an answer and there it was.

Put an egg in a bowl of water (cold water) and if it floats it is bad and if it sinks it is good. Why? When the egg goes bad the yolk turns to Hydrogen Sulphide causing the float. If an egg bobs a little it just means the egg is older, but not bad. My eggs were all good. Yeah...

I checked at least 3 sources for this information. It is a good idea to check 3 or more ( more if there is conflicting information) sources for all information you search. This gives you better insurance that the information is true/real. Does not mean anything is 100% because us humans are still learning new things all the time.