Quick like a bunny

Quick like a bunny

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Dehydrating Basil

Part of buying a dehydrator was to dry herbs. So when I kept staring at one of my fully grown Basil plants that was beginning to bloom and thinking my Tomatoes have not produced yet to enjoy that Basil.
It took another week for me to tell myself to dry that Basil.

I started to chop a lot of stems off before I thought to read my dehydrator booklet. It said to cut only 3-4 inches below the top just as first buds appear. My Basil was beginning to flower but I was cutting to much. Went back outside and cut the rest as the book said.

It is a lot of Basil. Now to fit it into my dehydrator. The book said to cut off the big leaves and  bend or break veins and stems to aid drying. (the Pumpkin in pic. is from my garden, yum.)

I added more to this one and I ended up filling 6 trays. The booklet said dehydrate between 95-100 degrees and no more.This will take a few days.

Will update when done. Well it took about 2  1/2 days to dehydrate it all. Crumbled all the dry leaves into a cleaned out class jar with lid.

It is an old nut butter jar. The smell is very fresh and the taste is fresher than any store bought dried Basil. Well worth it. Now to keep in dark place away from sunlight and heat. The glass jar will help keep the Basil fresher longer to.

My Basil plant is still alive and thriving. I moved it to a spot that gets afternoon shade.  I may dry more for gifting. I have another Basil plant thriving in my garden to. So happy to be able to preserve this herb for winter time.