Quick like a bunny

Quick like a bunny

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My kinife is not sharp enough

When I started doing a lot of cooking from scratch, I noticed my knives would loose their sharp edge after awhile. Example: Pineapple,hard Squash. I realize one just needs a decent knife sharpener. At one time I had used a long thick stake looking thing to sharpen my knives, but it got lost among the path of my life. When I needed one the most, finding what I used to use was no where to be found so I searched the Internet for a knife sharpener.

I found one for about 20.00 not including shipping and handling. Crushed Diamond surface with Ceramic finishers. Sporting goods stores or knife stores should carry knife sharpeners to. My stainless steel knife works great with this as does any of my knives for cutting foods including serrated knives for Tomatoes and Bread.

If you like to fish. You will have use for the hook sharpening groove to keep those fishing hooks sharp as well.