Quick like a bunny

Quick like a bunny

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Juicing and a few of my easy recipes

I had not juiced this summer and knew it was time to start again. Besides I have been having health issues. Juicng is the best way to get lots of fresh, easily absorbed nutrients everyday. Raw foods give us enzimes that help our bodies live longer to. I will give you a few of my easy recipes.

A red apple, a few carrots (less or more, does not matter), a chunk of Cabbage (small or big). Juice.

I have been juicing a bit of Jalapenio in this to. It is warming and takes the cabbage bite out.

Today I have also added 3 kale leaves and a Kohlrabi leaf in this concoction. Yum.

You can also juice an orange and about 2-3 carrots. Very good. you can add an apple to.

I warn you that buying the fruits can be pricey. Red Apples are the sweetest and mix well with most veggies like; Greens of any kind. Carrots are sweet to and are good with apples and greens.

Yesterday I juiced 3 carrots and a Butternut squash. This was tasty.

I skinned, de-seeded and cut the squash into juicer  ready sizes.

Butternut squash juiced.

I have read you can juice Pie Pumpkin with apple to. You can juice any squash. I am glad I can juice the Butternut because my garden is growing way more than I expected.