Quick like a bunny

Quick like a bunny

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Miso soup recipe

This is a great soup when feeling under the weather. I have been hit by Anemia, Adenomyosis and tooth problems. Now trying to get it all managed with out surgery and to much of a hit in our household pocket book.

I decided on birth control pills to try to manage the anemia and adenomyoisis. Adenomyosis is when the lining of the Uterus starts growing into the uterus wall/muscle. When you have a menstrual cycle the lining secretes a hormone and it is like an acid burning inside your womb. It is not life threatening. The Doctors are very willing to want to cut out your womb, but then say it will all go away when you hit menopause. I think I need my womb and I think my ovaries need it to. Just a hunch

There can be other causes for anemia, so in a month and after taking iron pills and birth control pills, I will get another blood test to see if iron levels are rising. This is important because my hemoglobin had got to 8. Anything less would of needed a blood transfusion. So we must rule out other possible problems.

My teeth or tooth so far has cracked. It was a chomper and had a filling. I have an unconscious habit of grinding my teeth. That said, the dentist has put a temp. crown on. Said to wait a few weeks to see if it only needs a crown. My sensitivity is gone, but every time I chew anything pain creeps on and Ibuprofen is needed. Soup and anything that does not include a chew motion is my friend right now.
And yes, I may need a root canal before a perm. crown goes on. Lets just hope I can keep the tooth and not have to get it extracted. : [


Miso soup. Miso detoxes the body by taking heavy metals out and will even take out radiation. Yes, in Japan after the "Bomb" hit. Doctors and workers helping to recover there country were eating miso soup everyday and were in the radiation zone. They never got radiation sickness and lived. This is great for people going through or gone through Chemotherapy/radiation therapy.

Recipe for one cup:

Fermented live and not pasteurized Miso. I used red Miso aged 18 months

1 T. Miso of choice
One cup boiled water

That is the base and put the miso in after you have stopped heating the water. You need it live to work and heating it to warm is great to.

Add on's

I added part a diced green onion
shredded a part of a carrot
and I put some Dusle seaweed ripped into small pieces in mine. (Seaweed is a great natural vegetable source of B-12 and iron).

You can add what ever you like. Some add Tofu, mushrooms or other items. experiment with what you have and like.