Quick like a bunny

Quick like a bunny

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Easier way to dry herbs

I got to the point where my dehydrator was in more demand than I thought it would be. It just took to long to dry herbs at 95 degrees. So, I found 4 old screens and cleaned them. You put your herbs on the screen and cover them with another screen. I tied them together. Then dried indoors with a fan on them. Make sure the larger stem are taken off. Otherwise it will take much longer to dry. Now, understand it still takes 3-4 days to dry. It does not take up dehydrator time and energy. Also, I tried drying in the sun and it started to burn the  leaves. If you must dry outdoors, I suggest in the shade. Make sure you are not in a high humidity environment and that there is a light wind/breeze or fan blowing on the herbs.

You can dry larger amounts to. I have dried Basil, Peppermint, Blackberry leaves and oregano. It beats wasting all that electricity on a noisy machine that produces heat. Yes, I am still using a fan. It helps circulate and cool the room during this warmer season. Having it do 2 things at once is great use of one mechanical device.