Quick like a bunny

Quick like a bunny

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Dehydrating Cantaloupe

I do a lot and take pictures along the way. So, when I am ready to blog it. The picture helps me retell my mini adventure and or random event in life.

This blog is about dehydrating my Heirloom Muskmelon (cantaloupe). I bought the seeds much to late in the summer, but tried to grow them anyway. Only two plants lived and produced a very small crop which was enough for me. I made some Aqua de melon and dried the rest. My luck in growing late melon is that there was a bad crop of cantaloupe on the market temporarily, before people started getting sick and some dying.

Back to our directive. Dehydrating melons/cantaloupe. Make sure they are at their peak of ripeness and if possible from your garden. Everything is better when you grow it yourself. I sliced mine about 1/4-12 inch thick. You do not want them to thin, because they are mostly water and will become to fragile and paper like. Not so tasty/ or good. Placed them on my dehydrator racks.

Now dehydrate at 135-145 until dry. Remember all dehydrators are different and drying times will vary according to that and humidity in the air.

When dry store in a glass jar with lid. I have no idea how long these will stay fresh. I am going to estimate 6-12 months and cross my fingers. These are good to just snack on or add to soup broken up. I have enjoyed these dipped in tahini/sesame paste. Surprisingly good. Sprinkle broken pieces on salad. Perhaps with a sesame dressing. Hmmm..?