Quick like a bunny

Quick like a bunny

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Kale Chips In The Oven Recipe

So, I picked some heirloom kale from my garden and decided to make some kale chips. Was going to use my new dehydrator, but it died on me. I am flustered and sad. Hoping to find a repair person in Austin to fix it. Anyway, I thought to try and dry them in my oven and this is how I made Kale chips in my oven.

Get a large bowl and put all the Kale's leafy parts and not the stems into the bowl. Try making them bite size. Then I pour a little olive oil in. Sometimes I put to much or to little. It is always a challenge. Sprinkle with salt and garlic powder (opt.)  and some Brewers yeast (opt. to) mix with a hand until well blended and place on parchment paper or baking mat on a cooking sheet.

Turn your oven on to lowest setting. Mine is 170 F. Put your baking sheet or sheets of prepared Kale  in and on the racks. I turned my largest bake sheet side ways to block part of the oven door to have it not close all the way. I would say it was cracked open about an inch or two. My oven will not stay a little open on it's own. If yours will than doing that is a good idea, so not to over heat the food drying.

I baked/dried my Kale until the food was dry. I would check every 30-1 hour. It took about 2 hours.
They are very green and turned out great. Will remember to do this if I need to in the future.