Quick like a bunny

Quick like a bunny

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Addicted To Golden Berries Growing In The Garden

Growing these in my garden, but they are not as big and as golden yellow/orange as I have seen on ones from South America. Perhaps those are different seeds. I do not know.

These berries do get more golden to tan, but that is all. They range from marble size to smaller. The taste is like a sweet firm tomato with slight fruit flavor ranging from pineapple, peach, to apricot. There is also a sort of after taste which I cannot put my finger on and is the addictive part. These are so addictive. My body wants to keep eating these like there is something important in the berries that my body needs.

Saving some seeds for next year. They are very small.

I have four bushes growing at various stages. This is an area where I have two and they are huge. These plants were the most delicate to grow and I thought they were all going to die. They start out very thin and week, but have grown into very sturdy plants. I call them my mini lantern trees. They are so beautiful.

You can pick these and keep them stored on the counter in their husks. They continue to ripen and the husks dry out. These stay fresh for days. I have not had any go bad yet. Do not mind the bubble. My son wanted to play with bubbles in the garden.

More pics. Have tomato plants, patty pan, hot peppers, tomatillos growing amongst the berries. It is a jungle.
 Tedious to pick, yet so worth it.

So cute.

Yes, more pics.

The bubble gun.



Tonka and Mijo.

Yeah, after so much rain it was nice to be outside.

It is a jungle in there.


Helping hand.


: )