Quick like a bunny

Quick like a bunny

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Menthol And Hormone Balance

Even though I have had my Uterus taken out. I still live with my hormone balancing act. I was using Deet bug spray to keep the bugs at bay. Yes, I know it's a bad xeno-estrogen. In the garden and in Texas it is a must in the morning and or late afternoons. Last week the deet ran out and this is all that sat on the counter. They work great for my son, but I have tried the kids herbal armor with negative affects happening hours later. Everything bothered me. When the deet ran out, I just grabbed the Cutter. After a week my mind became restless with unhappiness and I would cry about anything that I could think of being sad about. Also my body was sore and overly tired just the past week. It did not make sense. Finally going through everything that may be new on or in me recently, I saw the Cutter. It is 65% p-menthane-3,8-diol. I had thought it was similar to the deet. But did the home work now that I was falling apart. Found out that it is just Menthol. Well, you would normally think that menthol is harmless except it is in mint and mint is said to block progesterone receptors from making/and or using progesterone. This may be all theory. yet I thought that perhaps it is not and that it is factual. So, I stopped using the Cutter Lemon Eucalyptus with 65% Menthol. 24 Hours later; I felt better and 48 hours later; I felt back to normal.

Crazy stuff. Must stick with the Deet or try an herb that may be a phyto-estrogen, yet will not shut down my hormones. I find that many choices in life are trying to find the lesser of two evils. That there is not a fix it all answer to any problem. When it come to the human body, it seems to be a constant battle to just keep it working for as long as possible.

It is almost 6 months from my surgery. Have been running about 2.3 miles five days a week for a month. Working on eating more healthy foods. Yes, sometimes bad food enters my body. I'm not perfect. Hee. Need to get more multi-vitamins. Started taking ginseng in a pill form. Called Ginsana and started taking some zinc.

Been very busy. Between my son going to school 5 days a week with me having to attend chapel with him once a week. Managing my ever growing garden, exercising and I am starting to write a simple cook book (not so simple as it turns out) to organize some of my recipes form myself and perhaps family. Oh, and yes attend to my man. The days and weeks seem to be flying by. I had to turn off my comments because I am unable to look or respond at this time in my life. Perhaps I will turn them on again when I catch my breath.

Thought I would catch up on my blog. Nothing new in this part of my life. I am not sure what people would even think if I
talked about my career in the past as an exotic dancer. That perhaps will have to be another blog or book...