Quick like a bunny

Quick like a bunny

Monday, January 7, 2013

Bella's Greens And More Powder/Mix Recipe

A lot has happened recently. My mother n law has moved in. For only a short time (crossing my fingers). Talk about the life/time being sucked out of you when unwanted responsibility walks in.

I have been cooking and baking up a storm. Trying new things and being a total recipe collecting nerd/hog still. (hearing a crash from down stairs) I am not paying attention to it.

I have been taking Super greens with added probiotics to get my health and energy back and they work, but I thought maybe I could make my own Produce powder with greens from my garden and other foods.  I am still in the perfecting stage and very excited to share my results so far.

 Bella's Greens And More:
Bunch of Cilantro
Collard Greens
Swiss Chard
Cayenne dried crumbled (about 1 T.)
Mushrooms 1 lb.
Stevia leaves dried (ground about 2 tsp.)
Cherry Acerola Powder 4 T.

So, I dehydrated the fresh produce. Ground them in batches in the blender. Mixed everything together and placed in a glass mason jar with lid. I have used 1 T. added to half juice and half water to mix and drink. It is very filling and I prefer only taking a 1/2 T. at a time.

My detailed observation is that it makes me slightly bloated and gassy for an hour after at 1 T. and less tummy disturbance at 1/2 T. Perhaps to many mushrooms?  Maybe dehydrate the mushrooms on a higher heat before grinding. Or only process 1/2 a pound of mushrooms per batch. I also thought that the flavor was good, yet just slightly to much cayenne. Another tsp. of stevia might be a good idea. I also think that after grinding produce in the blender the batch needs a second grinding in the coffee grinder to make a finer/smoother substance to incorporate into the liquid of choice.

Powder greens can be made anyway you like. I am thinking I could add some kelp granule to grind and mix in a batch, or some dried sliced beets ground too. Lots of options. I used some stevia leaves I had dried from my small wilted plant and think it would be easier to buy some dry green unprocessed stevia powder for these mixes.

I have learned to respect the prices of super green powders, because I dried and ground a lot of produce just to make just a bit over 1/2 a jar. Yet know, I can make my own with out any fillers too. Wish I new how to get probiotic powder and mix it into the greens effectively, but I should probably master the basic green mix first.

Update: I have done a second blend in my new goffee grinder. Bingo. It is the perfect fine powder now. 1 T. goes down so much better. Still agree that there is to much hot pepper in it and it needs more stevia or some sort of sweet fruit powder. Though, still very pleased.