Quick like a bunny

Quick like a bunny

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Cucumber Sprouted Sesame Salad Or Side (No Vinegar)

I tried to sprout sesame seeds and these ones sprouted very slowly. So, I wanted to make something with them. This salad was good. So good that my husband said it was a keeper recipe.
One cucumber will make two side servings or one salad serving. I took a cucumber and ran a peeler up and down to skin in a striped pattern. To make it pretty. You can skin it all if you prefer. Then I quartered the cucumber. You can scrape the seeds out, but I found that there really was not much for seeds. I could live with or with out the seeding process.
Place the prepared cucumber in a bowl and add some veggie oil (I used olive oil). Just enough to coat the cucumber pieces. Pour a little honey on or other sweet of choice on top (I used honey). Sprinkle on a little salt. Mix, taste. adjust if need be. add some sprouted sesame seeds. I added about 1T. worth. You can use toasted sesame seeds for this recipe too. Mix and serve.
Perfect side
Everyones happy. Perfect ending.