Quick like a bunny

Quick like a bunny

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Busy As A Bee

Time has whipped by like a storm in the night. I have been cooking , baking and preparing my garden for spring. Want to share many new recipes too. When I have more time. Where do I begin. Started with a very small gathering at a friends house. We did a couple of crafts and was introduced to Stampin Up products. Bought a stamp with my name and address in fancy italic, A beautiful and huge butterfly stamp, and an ink pad. Which I have to say that the ink pads are so nice. Very pleased with my purchase. Had an issue with Walmart. Cursed a lot. There was a wrong product mailed to my daughter and it was only a few dollars I was over charged, yet they had two people e-mailing me. One courteous and one rude. The few few dollars was not worth the battle. Letting it go, but weaning myself from shopping there all the time. I have to face the fact that there are some items there that I cannot find close to me and at great prices. So, must tread carefully when buying from Walmart.

My son turned 6. Looking forward to him being more independent. Except, he has been more challenging and wanting to be 4 again. My new goal is to have him start being more independent and responsible. At 40 lbs I just can't do hold you me with out long term suffering afterwords.

Started making more powdered greens. With only greens from my garden. Thought I could sell them at the local farmers with some baked goods. Only to find out that you cannot sell anything you make in your house/kitchen. There is a cottage law that says you can only sell baked goods from your house, but no dehydrated consumables/food. After applying for the market and learning all the legalities, I will be selling my produce and lotion bars and eating all the super green powder myself.

Then another nearby place wants to start a farmers market and I was invited to check it out. It looked great and people have been saying, "Wow, you make enough to sell at the farmers market?" (and two?) I am thinking Oh my goodness, what have I got myself into. I mention selling the lotion bars, but it is like this silent whisper that no one hears. I also need a canopy and moneys for everyday I sell at any of the markets. Think-$$$. Can I come out even and perhaps positive?
                                                        Tangerine tree flower

Now, I am fighting a battle of invasion of the aphids two weeks before starting to sell. Got some Neem oil from a friend across the street. Used it and decided I needed my own for future aphids.
Built two more garden boxes on the side of the house and planted many seeds. Bought and connected drip system hoses in the main garden. My indoor sprouts failed because I listened to the young sales person at the store. They said I could grow my seeds with hummus mulch. Red flag, not true. Had to go back to the store and buy garden soil for produce and add my seeds all over again.

  New Home Depot garden/sand boxes rule. So much easier to put together than their last ones similar to this. You just need a rubber mallet. It's your best friend in the yard.

It is so much easier to say when you fail try try again, but doing it is so painstakingly, laborious and ego crushing. Really have to figure out what is worth my time and energy versus other aspects of my life. Like Summer swimming in the evenings with family. Being home versus working.
                                                                   Before fertilizer

My investment into the garden has been pricey. Mulch, seaweed granules, a bit of miracle Grow. Doing what I can to make everything as organic when possible. My lemon cucumbers are sprouting indoors today. I have seen them and a few tomato seeds move fast through out the day. It is quite amazing to see that kind of action.
                                                              After fertilizers

Made tomato cages out of fencing. Will make more if needed. They are the best. I am very proud of them. Got the pool chemicals balanced. Added my name to the large list of HTV's Jacksonville FL. 2013 Home drawing.

Motorcycle races this weekend at the F1 track.

Yeah, I need to step back and kick back a moment. Where is my Kava?
Hope you enjoyed my crazy catch up news. I like to think of my blogisphere as my friend of many minds in one place together. Have a great day.