Quick like a bunny

Quick like a bunny

Monday, July 18, 2011

Swimmers Ear Solution and Ear Infection Recipe

I wanted to add this to my infection post and decided not to. My ear had felt better with essential oils and then a week later my ear started to hurt again. I new it was from swimming. Here in Central Texas the heat in July sky rockets and keeping  required chlorine levels in the pool is tough. Shocking your pool once a week is imperative.
plus putting in algicide/algae guard every week and when is rains, is important during the hot months to.

That being said: even with a clean pool, ears can become a breading ground for fungus and bacteria. I found a site online which I cannot remember, that gave great advice for ear problems caused by swimming.

You can buy swimmers ear drops at your local store in the pharmacy area. You can also go to a doctor for drops, but it is very expensive. Go to the doctor if your ear is causing you fever and is oozing to.

Here is the recipe for a solution I got online. It worked on me and you can use it on children to.
The solution stays good for only one week and I think that goes for the store bought stuff to, once it has been opened.

Mix: 1/3 White Vinegar and 2/3 Isopropyl Alcohol ( for the kids, the alcohol may sting so you can also use 2/3 Hydrogen Peroxide instead of the alcohol for sensitive ears) I used the Peroxide.

Put this in a small bottle and get a dropper. Droppers are sold in the pharmacy area to.

When ear is sore put in 3 drops with head tilted sideways, then rub it by gently pressing the side closest to face.  when you lift your head it is fine that the solution drips out after that. Do that for 10 days.

For preventive purposes, you can put 3 drops in each ear before and after swimming.

It works, it is cheap and try to find the info. online to confirm and or please tell and talk to your doctor about this if you need more info. And obviously, when in dought and do not know what to do. Go to the doctor.

(If this does not work, go to a doctor).

Update: My son got a bad ear infection and would not take all his medication. He did get better on his own. The drops did help with the pain. For a preventative measure, I now give him 2 Xylitol berry mints (they are not really mints) once after teeth brushing, in the morning and at night. The Xylitol is said to help with teeth health and prevent ear infections. Chronic ear infections run in my hubbies family and I do not want that to happen to my little guy. So far, so good.