Quick like a bunny

Quick like a bunny

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Cantaloupe Drink Recipe (Agua de Melon)

I found this recipe at mexicanfoodandmore.com
Very refreshing on a hot day. It is like a snack and drink all in one.

I took a medium size melon and cut it into chunks and added it to a blender with one cup of water.

The recipe said you may use the seeds. Since only half my melon fit, I added half the seeds to taste before I made the whole batch.

I put this first half of blended melon in my 2 quart pitcher and added 1/4 cup of sugar and another cup of water. Filling the container to 1 quart. Taste tested and concluded not to continue adding the rest of the seeds. The shells of the seeds are not to my liking.
Now to the second blending of the other half melon without the seeds.

Again added one cup of water to blend.

Much smoother with a little foam at the top. Nice.

Poured that into the pitcher and added more water to make it a total of 2 quarts. Added another 1/4 cup sweetener. I added some Splenda. So it had half sugar and half Splenda in it. Mixed that up.

Poured some in a cup and I was very pleased. It tastes great. Very thick and I would recommend stirring the pitcher every time you pour a glass.

I know cantaloupes come in many sizes and a larger one may take more batches, more water and sugar besides more drink containers. If you have many people to serve, more drink is better. If you do not have the fridge space or more people to drink it A.S.A.P. Then You could dehydrate the extra or make Chicken Shish Kabobs with the melon being some of the ingredients. You can give your extra to a neighbor. Food for thought. Hope you enjoy this drink.

Updated note: You can strain the pulp and have a more liquid drink to serve over ice. Add sweetener to taste. It is very good to.