Quick like a bunny

Quick like a bunny

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Lotion bar recipe

This simple recipe for lotion bars is all over the Internet. Yet, they sell them online for such a high price. Now that I am using non-xeno and phyto estrogen products. This is my perfect non messy lotion replacement.

You use:

1 oz. beeswax
1 oz. non phyto-estrogen oil ( I used almond)
1 oz. hard oil like Shea, Avocado ect. ( I am cheap and used 92 melt point coconut oil, it is hydrogenated, but I am not eating it and holds well in the heat.)
High heat silicone molds that are 4 oz. or say hold 1/2 cup. (I used 1/2 cup high heat silicone pinch cups I found at Walmart in the kitchen utensil area) Think out of the box if you need to.

If you want a softer bar for like; massage, winter months or preference. Just use 1 oz. beeswax and 2 oz. oil of choice.

 Today I made some bars with virgin coconut oil with a melt point of 76 because my husband wanted a softer bar. Lets face it, he may not like this one or all oil and wax. These bars are not for everyone. My hubby has soft skin from growing up in a climate that has hard winters. Unlike me whom grew up in Southern California with a pool in the backyard and beach 30-45  minutes (depending on traffic) away. Seldom used sunscreen unless at the beach. At the age of almost 43 my skin is freckled, dry, and lets just say, "loosing it's luster." I cannot say that I would trade all my fun in the sun for more youth,  and or beauty.

How to make this lotion bar.

Take a large pot and add a few inches of water. Place that on the stove top and put a glass or stainless steel bowl on top. Heat the water on medium to a boil then reduce heat to a simmer. (Double boiler style) Add beeswax and let melt. Then add other ingredients one at a time. Letting each melt in first. Mix with wood utensil.

Now have your mold ready and maybe sitting on a plate or cookie sheet. Using an oven mitt or like, take the bowl off of pot and carefully, and without getting water in the molds, pour the hot liquid mixture evenly into the mold or molds. After setting empty bowl aside. You can just let the lotion bars set up on the counter. If it is a really hot day or you are in a hurry then you can put the mold or molds in the fridge to set. When they are ready, un-mold them by turning them upside down and while hold the sides of mold, push on the top of bottom until the bar slides out.
I keep mine in a large unsealed, tea bag. Then keep that in a ziplock.

I got my oils from soapgoods.com But their are many other great places to get ingredients. I got my beeswax from Ebay. Straight from bee farmers. It smells just like honey. Yum. Good luck and have fun.