Quick like a bunny

Quick like a bunny

Monday, December 12, 2011

Henna Hair dye recipe

This is my new hair dye. Xeno and phyto estrogen free.

I got this recipe from Hennaforhair.com

100 grams fresh Henna powder (I got mine from SFHerb.com)
500 ml. liquid (17 ounces). Half acidic/lemon juice, bottled works. The other half, use water that has been boiled.
2 grams powder pectin (0.8 oz.) Optional.

Mix the acidic juice (any citrus juice will work) and Henna powder. Note: The citrus is what helps the Henna bond and last on your hair.

Start adding the boiled water slowly a little at a time. I added 1/4 cup at a time.

 I added juice of a lime since I used bottled lemon. For extra acidity.

Finished mixing all of the boiled water in.

Now add the pectin. Mix in. The pectin helps this goop spread onto and into your hair better.

Now to the bathroom. wear some disposable gloves because it is going to get messy. Please ignore the vitamins and prescription iron pills. ; )

Make soure you wear a towel around you or something that is not new. Or just strip down to your birthday suit or undies. Take a spatula and spread the mixture all over your hair.

I moved this to the bathtub. Very messy.

When done put your hair up high in a bunch. Take off the gloves and throw them away. You want to let this stuff sit in your hair for about 30 minutes. This gives you some time to clean up the bathroom a bit.

My goopy Henna'd hair.

Spatula stained. It will wash out over time. Safe and non toxic Henna.

Now that you are ready to wash this stuff out. Get into a shower or bathtub and rinse as much of it out as you can.You will not be able to get it all out in this rinsing. wait 24 hour to wash your hair. As your hair dries you can brush more of the grainy parts out. So, brush your hair in/over the sink, shower or bathtub. It is more messy, but will clean up easy with wash cloth or vacuum.

I did not notice the Henna conditioning my hair like some say. I can say that it did dye my hair including the grays as a lighter shade. It has lasted almost a month now and I am ready to do this all over again.

Update: I find that since I have many grays and my hair can start to grow faster than I can make time to Henna, I have found a short cut. I have started to spray the front and top of my roots with Sun In. Let it bleach out my greys for a fews days or week, to blend and look a little better. Then when I have the time, I Henna my hair. I think the small amount of Peroxide in the Sun in is harmless and the extra ingredients are not bad enough for my concern of permanent issues. It is cheap and convenient.

In the end. I continue to do crazy things to my hair and stopped using the Sun in. Probably not the non toxic as I was wanting. But on the other hand I have read and tried a new way to rinse out the Henna. When you are ready to rinse the Henna out. Fill a bath tub up with water and get in. Put your hair in the water and swish it around. Then drain the tub and rinse with a large cup or in a shower. you can add conditioner to your hair and leave it in a few minutes and then rinse your hair in the tub or shower. This helps gets the a lot of the granules out.

I have not found adding conditioner right after doing my hair with Henna to cause a problem with color or lasting. I have not had a problem washing my hair to soon either and Yes, You can totaly leave the Henna on your hair for much longer. Like 2-4 hours or more. It is just about the time you have on hand. I have also used 2 year old/from purchased Henna and have it work just fine. Good luck.