Quick like a bunny

Quick like a bunny

Thursday, December 29, 2011

How To Make Coffee With No Machine

How to make a mug of Coffee with out the plastic toxins in coffee makers. This recipe is so simple and it is the old way of making a cup of Jo. An average cup of coffee is considered to be 5 ounces. (Food for thought) Fresh grounds stay fresh for a week and is not recommended to be kept in fridge or freezer. So, grind only enough for about a week. But I do keep my fresh ground in the freezer, in a glass jar for about a week or two. So, it is up to you. I keep my whole beans in the freezer and in a freezer ziplock. A glass jar is recommended because air and moisture can permeate plastic over time, compromising the freshness and flavor. Mental note for myself. Whole beans do not stay fresh forever.

You will need a stainless steel, glass or ceramic kettle or pot to heat water in.
Ceramic or glass mug.
A large Muslin/100% Cotton straining bag or footie sock (un-used by feet)
2 T. Ground Coffee Beans (ground to your liking). Update: 1 T. works to.
Creamer and or milk of choice (optional)
Sweetener of choice (optional)

Start to boil some water in kettle or pot. If using a pot you can add some sort of milk and liquid creamer to. I add it to the mug and microwave it until hot.
Add 2 T. ground Coffee into strainer bag/clean footie sock (I use a 4x6 muslin tea bag).
Put your strainer with coffee in it into the mug. With or with out the hot milks/creamer. When water is almost to a boil, turn off heat and slowly pour it into the inside of the strainer that is in the mug. Fill the mug to you comfort. Now let the it all steep for 4 minutes. When done slowly pull out the  strainer and place it on a small plate to cool off. You can top of your mug with more hot water if you like. Stir, taste, add some sweet if you like. Drink.

It seems like a long process, but it is not. Once you get the habit down it becomes very easy. When the strainer is cool. dump the grains, wash and let dry on towel or hang dry for next day.

I read that drinking more than one cup of coffee can raise estrogen levels very high through a complex equation I do not wish to think about or bore you with. I do not drink coffee, but love a decaf. here and there. I make my husbands coffee and know that his exposure to toxins can cause his harm overtime. I do love to sip this brew I make for him. To know I made it right. It is so yummy.