Quick like a bunny

Quick like a bunny

Friday, December 30, 2011

Dried Greens In Mac And Cheese

O.K. Christmas holiday I have been eating to many sweets and some Mac and Cheese. Well this is Kraft's new Cauliflower Mac and cheese. My son loves it and I had to try for myself. Yum. And then I thought, If I am going to eat this bowl I need more nutrition. I crumbled some dried spinach in it.

Still very good. The spinach is not very noticeable besides giving the food a festive look.  I think I need to be buying the Organic Mac and Cheese with the bunny. (update: The organic bunny stuff is organic pasta only. Why have a product half organic? Ug) Try crumbling your dried greens in foods and soups. It works great and helps me get more greens/fiber. I want to try the dried greens in bread, but have not tried yet. Will blog it if I do.

Have a super New year...