Quick like a bunny

Quick like a bunny

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Hi, I have recently purchased and created my own independent online website/store. It has a blog integrated so I will be blogging more at bellabluejungle.com I am taking a break from farmers market  for a few reasons, but this gave me the opportunity to build my store. The store does not have a vacation mode so, I must turn off the payment option when I am at a festival or market. This will help me sell my products in person without compromising inventory on my sight. After I come home, and adjust inventory online, then I can turn payment option back on.

I have been wanting my own web store for a long time and tried other places like eBay, bonanza and Etsy. But having your own .com is very cool. People can go directly to bellabluejungle.com and find my info. With out getting lost on the other sites. I am excepting Pay Pal and Stripe which is just the business that accepts credit cards alone, if your not linked into the Pay Pal.

Now that I put many of my products online, I do notice that I could have better labeling than the white printer paper with blank ink taped with packaging tape. It is something I want to work on. I am just stumped, because I have so many different products. Perhaps I can get sticky labels that would be the right size and maybe try to find a downloadable label design package for cheap and learn to design my own labels and text in the info. Needed. A work in progress for sure.

I will mental note to myself, Google up my new blogging from my store.

Talk to the web later,