Quick like a bunny

Quick like a bunny

Friday, May 26, 2017

Back to this blog. Adding a blog and so many other things to my online store was more than I needed. Back at Pflugerville farmers market for now. Was at Elgin market, but it eventually shut down. Lack of foot traffic.

Considering a cheaper online store. I'm looking at cutting my monthly payments almost by half and be on a month to month pay. The catch is that you can only have 25 items in shop instead of my unlimited. My .com will be the same. Maybe I can be creative with the limited online shop space. or go back to bonanza.com Hmm.

I am studying real estate 🏡. It's 180 hours. Not literally. More like course related hours. Hitting my 4th month of learning. It's great to understand the whole process.

Moved my mother n law to a nice 55 and older pad. 2 bedroom cottage. It's very nice. Although me and my husband had to do most of the moving and cleaning. I think I lost a couple of pounds doing hard labor this week.
Alas, I am sure it will be a temporary loss.

The backyard swing is calling,