Quick like a bunny

Quick like a bunny

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Pumpkin Scavange And Pumpkin Meat Info.

The day after Halloween I took my son to school and noticed Pumpkins still in the patch of the school/church area. Hmmm... I call the school directer and asked if I could take some. She said go ahead, but some one is coming to pick them up. I waited a bit to long and when I went there most had been picked up and scavenged already. It did seem that no one wanted the bumpy ones and I had read online that those were good. Lucky for me, I had bought some good heirloom ones at the pumpkin patch before Halloween.

All of the pumpkins are edible. Do not let anyone tell you any different. I have baked the dark green one here and it had tons of meat. Almost all of the inside is a "dark" orange meat. The skin bakes very soft to. When I dehydrated and blended for storage, I tried it in my pumpkin drink with chocolate and it was not good. Very strong taste, but I baked some Pumpkin muffins with it and they are heavenly. So, the green bumpy pumpkin is worth it's meat in the cash you pay for it and is only good for baked goods.

The grey pumpkin I have not baked and tasted yet. Will let you know asap. I did bake the orange bumpy ones.

Wish I had taken pictures of the green one. My bad. These orange bumpy ones do have a disadvantage. It is a tough outer skin. Sharpen your knife for these. Some had a lot of meat and others not so much, but over all a great pumpkin for eating like a sugar pie.

I took many pics of this one. Very impressive meat. the advantage of the tough skin is that it is easy to scrape out the meat after you have baked the pumpkin.

Baked pumpkin.

I must of had extra time this day.

Note: Pick a pumpkin that is heavy for it's size. Awesome meat.

Nice. The Jack-o-lantern pumpkins are yummy for all eat and drinking to. They are not as meaty as the bumpy ones can be. The ugliest ones have been the best and most meat. I did have some pumpkins I scavenged go bad. They were added to my compost for the garden. Do not take cracked or soft pumpkins. Even then there is a risk after a pumpkin has been sitting in the warm Texas sun with people bumping them around all month. And even if you do not scavenge the pumpkins, buying a few extra and baking them later is a fresh nutritious addition to your diet.

Do not forget the seeds. You can toast them to eat and or save some to grow more pumpkins yourself. I gave many toasted pumpkin seeds as gifts for the holiday.