Quick like a bunny

Quick like a bunny

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sprouting Mustard Seed And Making It An Egg Salad Wrap

It all starts with a seed. I was dreaming about retiring simple near a beautiful beach and I thought about what I would do with out my garden.

Sprout of course and find a great local produce market. So, I thought to try to sprout and see if it is up my alley.

I have a bunch of mustard seed so I put 1 T. in a 3x5 muslin bag. And ran some water through it. Then sat it in a mug and filled the mug halfway with water. It sat overnight. The next morning I rinsed the seeds in the bag and shook out the water. I did this 3 time a day for about 5 days. It can take 5-7 days. Faster when it is warm and slower when it is cold.
A nice sprouting is happening. You have to break up the sprouts in the bag while rinsing. These are ready to eat, but wait.
Now They are looking done. When they looked like this. I just took them out of the bag dry and placed them into a plastic bag and folded over the bag loose. If you want more detailed info. Check out sprout people.com They have utube video, detailed pictures and written info. Their info. helped my confidence beginning this process.

Now that I had sprouts, how was I going to eat them. The mustard sprouts are very spicy. I thought that ground mustard was good in egg salad. So, that is where I went with this.

My first sprouted egg salad wrap was going to be simple. I boiled one egg. Peeled it and placed it in a bowl. Added a bit of mayo. Then about 2 T. mustard seed sprouts. Mixed. Added a little more mayo to taste. Now I warmed up a tortilla placed the salad on and topped with some greens from my garden. Spinach and green onion.

Wrapped that up and we had what I would call perfecto.

The next day I went a different route with the sprouted egg salad wrap.

I processed the egg, placed it in a bowl, mashed with a fork, added  about 2 T. mustard sprouts some mayo, 1 small Bella mushroom diced, about 1 T. diced onion, a little salt and a little more of garlic powder. To taste of course. Mixed, placed on warm tortilla and wrap.

It was a meal. Yum.